SMS marketing

SMS marketing? Every one will open text message

Newsletter can be thrown to the trash, as well as the advertising email. Investment to the marketing will be lost. SMS will be read by everyone. Present your business by another way, send the advert to cell phone. We are offering sending of direct SMS to a number of tens of thousands "alive" (actively responding) telephone contacts. 

We will do everything - we have our own database, our own SMS gate, we are not reselling services of operators. These are also reasons why we can offer price interesting even for small business.

Our results?

You will get even 190 customers from 10,000 of addressed telephone contacts - average rate of conversion (number of sent SMS / number of customers) of clients using our services is 1.9%. See clients to whom we are regularly organise the SMS campaigns.

Get new customers

By a text message you can contact such people, who are not reacting to traditional forms of internet marketing - they are not reading emails, clicking on banners, using social networks. We will be happy to prepare for you campaigns which aim is outside of the internet - for example we will bring new customers to your salesroom.

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