PPC marketing

PPC adverts? Low costs, high effectiveness

High profit, low costs. In case of PPC marketing (pay-per-click) it is true. You are not paying for displaying of your advert, you are paying for the one who will click and visit your web sites. 

Get setting and administration of PPC campaigns for main PPC systems (AdWords, Sklik) in the Czech Republic – we will help you to get the best paid positions in the search engines and to overtake the competitors. We administrate the campaigns under your or our account. As you will choose.  

Our results?

Campaigns which are administrated by us have above - average CTR (click-trough rate) and conversion rate (ratio of brought visitor/made offer). See for which clients we are administrating PPC campaigns.

Get new customers

PPC advert is the most effective format of so called efficiency marketing. You can control the profits and costs directly, You are not spending money for contacting people who are not interested in your product.  

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