Direct e-mailing

E-mail marketing? Up to one third of orders in e-shop

Do not you have your own database of e-mail contacts to be used for contacting people with your business offer? You can use our database. We will select the people who will actively react to your offer from hundreds of thousands of contacts based on a number of criteria (interests, gender, region, age). 

We will send your advert to the e-mail addresses of people who agree with delivery of adverts and they do not consider it as spam (so we will not discredit your reputation).

Our results

Direct mail is not a spam. We guarantee high open rate (people who will read the advert) and click rate (people who will use shortcut to your websites). This is also the reason why our services are used by these clients (not exhaustive list).

Get new customers

By direct email you will contact also these customers who would not learn about you from other marketing sources. For convenient price, quickly and effectively? Do you want to try? We will prepare direct e-mail to fit even to you. 

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